Painting Table – Imperial Assault Trandoshan Hunters – Completed

Imperial Assault Trandoshan Hunters

I have been busy finishing my Trandoshan Hunters for FFG’s Imperial Assault.

The main steps were all laid out in my first article. What was left to do where some small highlights, for example in the eyes, a bit of cleaning up and re-basing the miniatures on Citadel 25mm bases with a bit of scenery.

Voila! My Trandoshan Hunters ready to hunt down some Rebels.


Those are definitely a lot of fun to paint. I cannot recommend them enough!

Painting Table – Imperial Assault Nexu Completed

After painting the Nexu for Imperial Assault, I decided to rebase the miniature (or all my Imperial Assault miniatures), as I am not a fan of the supplied flat bases.
P1040581Specifically, I used Games Workshop’s Citadel 50mm round bases, identical in size to the Nexu-bases from the Imperial Assault box, and made simple, unobstrusive grey bases with sand painted with a base coat of Skavenblight Dinge, a dry brush of Administratum Grey and some green Games Workshop flock.

The most difficult part by far was to get the Nexu off their old bases.

Fantasy Flight Games‘ plastic can be surprisingly tough to cut through and file off the miniature. The process even murdered my old Citadel clippers, after which I switched to proper tools to get the Imperial Assault Miniatures off the old bases.
P1040590On to painting more Imperial Assault miniatures …

New TIE/FO Fighter for the X-Wing Miniatures Game

New TIE/FO Fighter expansion

Just like the T-70 X-Wing, the new TIE/FO Fighter gets its own little expansion pack with the coming releases for the X-Wing Miniatures Game.

Those names will take some getting used to. Not nearly as elegant, I think, as … say … TIE-Intercepter or TIE-Advanced.

New TIE/FO Fighter Pilots

One pilot exclusive to the TIE/FO Fighter expansion will be the „Omega Leader“.

Omega Leader

Similar to the top pilot from the new X-Wing core set, the „Omega Ace“, the ability of the „Omega Leader“ makes use of the new TIE/FO Fighters ability to use target locks, despite having no ability to carry torpedos or missiles.

Giving target-lock to a ship without missiles and only two attack dice is, on the face of it, a minor advantage, but adding more unique abilities based on the TIE/FO Fighter’s target lock could potentially change things up in interesting ways.

New Upgrade Cards

The TIE/FO Fighter expansion seems to include two unique new upgrade cards, including the second tech upgrade seen in the game: the Comm Relay.

Comm Relay Tech Upgrade

There is also a new elite talent, Juke, which seems to read as follows:

Small ships only

When attacking, if you have an evade token, you may change 1 of the defender’s [evade]-result to a [eye]-result. 

2 points

So … an offensive use for evade tokens and the ability to stash one evade token. Interesting stuff.

Fantasy Flight Games clearly put a lot of thought into this, to present players with new and unique puzzles for finding interesting synergies and squadrons.

I am looking forward to this!

K-Wings, SLAM, Bombs and a Nerf

It appears, the K-Wing bomber for X-Wing, a ship I have been grappling with recently, received a nerf for its unique SLAM action and the use of bombs.

While I understand the ruling, I do think that it is unfortunate, as this makes it even less likely, that the K-Wing will spearhead a renaissance of bombs in the X-Wing miniatures game.

What is SLAM?

K-Wing SLAM ActionThe new, and thus far unique to the K-Wing, ability to SLAM, allows the ship a second movement, in addition to its first movement, at the price of being unable to shoot in the same turn.

While this is (and remains) a useful tool to get out of a tight spot, FFG’s previews mostly emphasised the SLAM action as a way to drop bombs and ordenance on your opponent.

Blow is a little diagram showing how FFG originally thought SLAM ought to be used to drop a bomb, specifically a Seismic Charge in this example.

The K-wing races past an Imperial squadron, dropping Seismic Charges in front of a half-dozen TIEs.

What is the Nerf?

Bombs like these Seismic Charges or Ion Bombs are, following the rules, dropped as the player reveals his or her maneouver dial.

Strictly speaking, there is no „reveal“ of a dial on the second part of the SLAM action.

Now FFG has decided to go against the example they presented in the previews, ruling that bombs after the first move – in the middle of a SLAM – is no longer permitted.

Slam action

Closing Thoughts

There is, in a strictly legal reading of the rules, sense behind this decision. There is no „reveal“ of a maneouver dial. Limiting the ability to drop bombs to the precise conditions outlined on the card will avoid unnecessary arguments about the rules.

At the same time, I think it is a pity, because FFG clearly „wanted“ to have it differently, and bring bombs back into the game in new and interesting ways.

I cannot help but think, that the rules-writers at FFG dropped the ball with the new SLAM action here.

  • The rule’s wording already led to plenty of debates, despite having only been in the game for less than a month.
  • The intended utility for SLAM as a delivery for bombs is now near zero.
  • Only the added cost of Advanced SLAM will even allow you to do anything a regular bomber cannot do.

I highly doubt we’ll see another Ship for the X-Wing miniatures game with SLAM in the future, and if we did, it would need pilot abilities to circumvent the odd restrictions written into the SLAM rules themselves.

Clearly a missed opportunity.