MK III Khorne Berserker Conversions

Brace yourself. 8th Edition is coming.

A new edition of Warhammer 40K is as good an excuse as any to start a new army. Since I have a variety of Chaos miniatures, some of which I used to play Shadow War Armageddon, my current idea is to (maybe) finally try making them into a small army.

Allegedly, the new starter box will contain some brand new Nurgle / Death Guard miniatures, so they would fit right in!

Painted miniatures aside, I also had left-over bits of Wrathmongers. I combined them with Games Workshop’s shiny new MKIII Heresy Space Marines from the Prospero Burns boxed game to build bulked up Khorne Berserkers.

#1 – The Thoughtful Berserker

#2 – The Pit Fighter

#3 – The Ranger

#4 – The Scorpion King

Blood for the Blood God!