It’s been a while since I played X-Wing and, frankly, I lost track of recent releases.

But with an opportunity to play a few games over the coming weeks, I bought the first shiny new ship that caught my attention – a Rebel TIE Fighter! – and will get a chance to fly it soon.

Here’s a first list I made up, lost of elite pilots to get the most out of the Rebel TIE’s top pilot Ahsoka Tano’s ability to hand out actions to nearby pilots, and using almost everything from that expansion!

#1 – Ahsoka Tano in Sabine’s TIE Fighter (24 points)

  • Veteran Instincts (1)
  • Sabine’s Masterpiece (1)
  • Captured TIE (1)
  • EMP Device (2)
  • Rey (2)

#2 – Poe Dameron (PS9) in T-70 X-Wing (41 points)

  • Black One (1)
  • BB-8 (2)
  • Push the Limit (3)
  • Autothrusters (2)

#3 – Nien Nunb in T-70 X-Wing (34 points)

  • R3-A2 (2)
  • Veteran Instincts (1)
  • Autothrusters (2)

99 points of Rebel Aces. Everything is Pilot Skill 9.

The trick (or catch?) is only the two T-70 X-Wings will do serious damage.

Poe Dameron with PTL and BB-8 is the most maneuverable (doubly so if Ahsoka can pile another action on him).

Nien Nunb can shoestring a sort-of-PTL with Ahsoka nearby and will deal some stress to the opponent, courtesy of R3-„Stressbot“-A2.

Ahsoka flies support, but damn it is nice support.

  • Captured TIE keeps her save, at least initially, from many attacks.
  • Adding Rey as a passenger will (I hope) allow her to save a Focus or two in the early rounds of the game.
  • The EMP Device, the only Illicit upgrade in the pack to make use of the full potential of the Sabine’s Masterpiece title, promises to ionize a (large) ship and give the two X-Wings a perfect round of shooting.

This, clearly, is not a refined tournament list. More a „let’s get to know Sabine“-list.

Nevertheless, let me know what you think!