The main attraction of Shadow War Armageddon box, at least visually, is clearly the terrain. I started by picking out the two sprues from the box that make the terrain piece GW calls, individually packaged, the Ferratonic Furnace.

Obviously, there is no need to assemble the terrain along the lines of the individual boxes. The SWA booklet actually offers alternative suggestions.

Nevertheless, it is a nice and bulky silo-type of terrain, one of the few new terrain pieces able to block line of sight a bit in regular 40K. So that is where I started.

The Ferratonic Furnace, in essence, is one big cylinder made from 4 pieces with a platform on top (Picture 1).

The pieces go together easily. They even have little grooves to help you with the assembly (Picture 2).

One new feature (compared to other Games Workshop terrain) is the system of plugs and holes on the underside of the platform (as well as many gantry pieces) in the set. The terrain comes with little clips, that hold different terrain pieces together (Picture 3). Initially, I considered doing something fancy with magnets, to keep the pieces of the terrain modular. Turns out, I may simple keep some of the clips unglued to clip together terrain pieces like this with walkways and other pieces.

The same system is also used to clip in ladders and embellishments such as tubes and pipes. Again, they actually work without glue, thought I did glue them for my terrain.

Easy as pie, the Ferratonic Furnace was assembled (thought I did not yet glue the platform to the main cylinder to make painting it easier).

I even had some bits left over from these two sprues, including 4 of the connector clips to keep for the future.

Great piece of terrain. Below you can also see some size comparisons with a Drop Pod and with an Imperial Knight.