I managed to do a bit more painting for Imperial Assault, specifically the Nexu, which is such an awesome little model.

I certainly didn’t remember the Nexu from the movies (It is in the arena in Attack of the Clones, but I suppose I remember little from that movie at all). However, painting the miniature, I must say, it really is a wonderfully model and full of character.

Like many people painting Imperial Assault, I am mostly following the fantastic guides from Sorastro. Have a look there for an in-depth Nexu painting guide.

Step 1 – The Fur


For the fur, I used Rakarth Flesh for a base coat, followed by Screaming Skull for the top parts and a wash of Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil.

After the wash was dry, I applied a light dry brush with Screaming Skull.

Step 2 – Stripes

Imperial Assault Nexu 2

One of the coolest ideas from Sorastro’s video are the stripes painted on with washes.

Unfortunately, I found them a bit tricky to do. Some look really awesome, but some stripes came out a bit blotchy

Step 3 – Purple & Flesh

Imperial Assault Nexus 3

I also used a base of Daemonette Hide, along with Druchii Violet as a wash and Bugman’s Glow, sometimes mixed with Army Painter Matt White for highlights.

I ended up really liking the mix of purple and flesh-tones.

It wasn’t an intuitive colour-combination for me, but I think it could also be used for other exotic miniatures to good effect.

The Nexu so far …

Imperial Assault Nexu 4

Not quite finished yet, but with Mephiston Red eyes (again Druchii Violet to shade), black claws and a few other details, my Nexus are coming along nicely …