X-Wing K-Wing Tournament

X-Wing K-Wing TournamentYesterday, I posted the first half of this two-part article about my experience testing the new X-Wing K-Wing, specifically this Rebels list, at a local tournament.

This is part 2.

Match 4 – Y-Wings & Stress

In my fourth match, I went against another Squadron of Y-Wings (these ships are really having a comeback, it seems).
Unlike the first Y-Wing list I fought, this one also used Twin Laser Turrets, albeit with a focus on stressing the opponent (i.e. me), with BLT-A4 Y-Wings (firing both primary & secondary weapons), Twin Laser Turrets and R3-A2 to pile stress tokens onto the opponent (i.e. me).

It was not the worst match-up for my list. Y-Wings are easy to catch with an alpha strike. Yet despite killing two early on, the remaining Y-Wings still won the war of attrition.

The amount of stress tokens on the table was insane.

Match 5 – Boba Fett & Scum

My only match against a Scum and Villainy list, specifically a Lone Wolf Boba Fett in a Firespray-31 and two M3-A Scyk Interceptors with Heavy Laser Cannons.

scum and villainy Boba FettFrom the four games I lost, this one was the one I was closest to winning.

The missile strike of my Z-95 Headhunters put the hurt on Boba Fett, while Miranda Doni’s Twin Laser Turret killed the Scyk Interceptors quickly enough.

Still, Boba Fett with Lone Wolf proved to be a formidable end-game-opponent, far more so than Miranda Doni with the odd blocking Bandit Squadron Pilot.

As in Match 4, the attrition war of the late game turned against me, ultimately costing me the match.

Final Thoughts on my K-Wing List

I love the look and the general „WW2 Bomber“-feel of the K-Wing. In my opinion, it is as a true Star Wars beauty of strange ship design.

I also believe Fantasy Flight dropped the ball on the rules-design for the K-Wing.

The K-Wing does not work much better as a bomber – even with the new SLAM – and does not hold a candle to ships like the B-Wing as a heavy jouster.

The Twin Laser Turrets are nice, but probably work even better on other ships, notably the Y-Wing, so the K-Wing risks being yet another X-Wing Miniatures expansion that people will mostly buy for this upgrade, not for the ship itself.