The final box from Mantic Games for the DreadBall Xtreme Kickstarter arrived, bringing me a few more teams to add to my DreadBall collection.

The Ada Lorana, a team of intergalactic ghosts (or higher beings), made from a translucent blue material, were the first I got ready for the table.

Painting the Ada Lorana

Dreadball Ada-Lorena
Painting may translucent miniatures may seem counter-intuitive, but like all miniatures, they benefit from exaggerating shadows and highlights.

  1. First I „undercoated“ the miniatures with a coat of Games Workshop Purity Seal
  2. After that, I washed them carefully with thinned Drakenhof Nightshade
  3. I painted the red spots/globes, glazed them with Bloodletter and painted a white highlight
  4. I drybrushed the flames near the base and near the top of the miniature with Blue Horror and again with Army Painter white

The Ada Lorana Miniatures

Thanks to the Ada Loranas‘ ability to phase through other players in DreadBall, there aren’t a lot of them in a team (and they are expensive).

The box from Mantic Games gave me 2 Strikers, 3 Jacks and a Guard (the starting team) and an extra Guard, which can be build as a Keeper (which I did).

As a nice add-on, it also came with 2 prone markers (which I admittedly never use) and a translucent blue ball.

Final Thoughts


How will the Ada Lorana play on the pitch?

I have a feeling, their ability to phase isn’t as big a thing as people believe (they obviously cannot use it to carry the ball). Aside from this ability, they really are just and understaffed Corporation team, but I’ll definitly give them a try.

Very unique miniature and a quick & easily-painted addition to anyone’s DreadBall collection!